I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist though I have retired from active  practice. I am now working as a writer. My book, The Gossamer Thread. My Life as a Psychotherapist (Karnac), is a memoir of my life as a psychotherapist. The book was published in April, 2010 and was short-listed for the MIND Book of the Year, 2011. I have just completed a book on the way people respond to major traumas. It is called To Hell and Back. Personal experiences of trauma and how we can recover and move on and will be published by Constable & Robinson in August, 2012.

One reason for this website is to make contact with people who share my interests in psychology and psychotherapy. For the last few years I have been concerned about the ruthless over-promotion of some forms of psychotherapy, notably cognitive therapy. Huge sums of money have been allocated by the Department of Health to train a new band of therapists in cognitive therapy (and a few other therapies) on the mistaken assumption that this will be a cost-saving enterprise. I outline my concerns about this, and what the alternatives there might be, under the section, Beyond Cognitive Therapy, in this website.